Project Description


Scotch & Soda

SCOTCH & SODA is a line of high quality items defined by Scotch’s old school sense of style; adding a fresh, contemporary twist and lots of unique detailing to each garment, on the inside as much as on the outside. Influences from all over the world are taken to achieve a diverse look which is characteristic for the collections. Scotch & Soda simply wants people to love their clothes and enjoy wearing them.

Maison Scotch

MAISON SCOTCH is a considered line of high quality items, designed with love and with great focus on the small details Maison Scotch is known for. Inspired by a careful blend of New York’s street style, Japan’s innovative design and the ‘je ne sais quoi’  sense of style of Parisiennes, every Maison Scotch piece embodies the natural female elegance represented by the dandelion logo. Creating a collection feels like an endless journey, gathering souvenirs, wandering around antique markets looking for vintage treasures and making notes along the way.

Scotch R’Belle

R’BELLE is a delicate and cools girls collection, designed with love, care and with the great attention to small details that Scotch & Soda is known for. Scotch R’belle first launched for Spring/Summer 2011, and has since expanded into a full grown collection. Alongside the anticipated new items the design team creates each season, R’belle sometimes winks to the ladies collection.

Scotch Shrunk

SHRUNK is an exciting boys collection, designed with love, care and the great attention to small details that Scotch & Soda is known for. Alongside the anticipated new items that the design team creates each season, Shrunk sometimes winks at the men’s collection by featuring miniature versions of Scotch & Soda garments, with a fresh Shrunk twist.

Amsterdam’s Blauw

Amsterdams Blauw® is the denim collection of the Amsterdam-based fashion brand Scotch & Soda. The name Amsterdams Blauw (or: Amsterdam Blue) is the colour of paint that was used in the Golden Century between 1500-1750 to paint Dutch porcelain. The striking blue colour was obtained by mixing indigo from China and Japan with an oil-based paint. Nowadays, this colour is still widely visible in the streets of Amsterdam on house number plates and street signs. 
Scotch & Soda Amsterdams Blauw® is an ambitious young denim project that draws inspiration from American and Japanese denim aesthetics. We’re constantly inspired by our great city of Amsterdam, which allows us to be free in our approach to things. Amsterdams Blauw® wants to play the maverick card and be the new and fresh alternative for the denim establishment; we like to portray the collection as the challenger brand. After successfully launching the first men’s denim collection for Spring/Summer 2011, Scotch & Soda now also offers Amsterdams Blauw® collections for women, boys and girls.